diamondUnite the Lands & Break the Curse!diamond


All is well in the quaint village of Timberland... That is until the once secluded region of Chronor started spreading their influence of power, taking rule over the other regions. Nate and Caitlyn are in for a rough time as their peaceful home is next in Chronor's conquest for power...

Rumors of a curse have been circulating, some say Chronor wants to stop it, others think they want to harness its destructive force. Are these rumors meant to justify their actions, or is it just a ploy to instil more chaos?

Whatever the outcome is, only time will tell...

diamondThe Story so Far...diamond


One of Nexus's scouts has detected the presence of an Anomaly Core deep within Timber Woods. These cores are heavily sought after by Chronor, and will use them to further their advances. Due to their volatile nature, these cores must be secured and destroyed before anyone can get their hands on them.

Nate, Caitlyn, Emma, and Roland have been sent to locate and retrieve the core. They are currently en route to the heart of the forest; it's a nice day and the team is enjoying the downtime they have, but they must remain vigilant. The woods are home to dangerous creatures and with the Anomaly Core emitting a corruptive aura, who knows what monstrosities lurk. Help our recruits complete their objective before disaster strikes!

diamondMeet the Castdiamond

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Say hello to our four newest recruits tasked with fighting off Chronor's finest soldiers. They did not want to fight, but they did not have a choice. It's time for them to take action and reclaim what was taken or die trying!

diamondNate Keybrookediamond


A young man raised in Timberland, he works at the local post office delivering mail and parcels. What he lacks in finesse and skill is made up in sheer moxie and tenacity!

Nate is often the one who makes the first move, singling out targets to ravage with his array of Tricks. He refuses to back down, occasionally shrugging off detrimental ailments and even gaining a second wind when on the brink of defeat!

diamondCaitlyn Kesleydiamond


A young woman born and raised in Timberland. Outgoing, carefree, and a bit naive, she tries to make friends and bring good vibes when she can. Caitlyn practices archery in her spare time.

Teamwork is important and Caitlyn know this, providing ranged support with her trusty bow and cheerful tunes. For when things get serious, Caitlyn can let loose with her mighty magick to blast the opposition away! And one more thing, she'll make sure they'll regret attacking her pals.

diamondEmma Uhrwerkdiamond


Hailing from the Magick-centric Theria, Emma aspires to be a member of the Therian Guardians. Trained in physical and magick combat, Emma has proven herself to be a capable fighter; however, she still has a lot to learn before she can be called a guardian.

Well rounded in combat, Emma takes to the front to protect her team. She can adapt to just about any combat situation on the fly. Emma's determination lets her regain her energy so she can keep on fighting.

diamondRoland Petal-Smithdiamond


A stoic and reserved mechanic from the beautiful Karak region. Roland is the youngest of his siblings. Disowned by his father, Roland decided he was going to explore what the world had to offer.

Coming from a family of mechanics, it's no surprise Roland is tasked with keeping the party in tip-top shape. Roland is able to use items to their fullest potential and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Roland may be the last to act, but he'll make sure to leave a lasting impact!